Warm Vs Cool Color

When choosing color for your home it’s important to think about what kind of “feel” you want your home, or particular room to have.  Are you looking to make your rooms warm and cozy, or calm and expansive? Warm colors, red, yellow and orange can make a room feel much more intimate, where as cool colors, blue, green purple, create a calming effect and make the room look larger. Of course you can have a “warm” blue by mixing red into it, the same way you can have a “cool” yellow by mixing blue into it.

When decorating your room decide what your goal is, maybe in a small bathroom you use a robin’s egg blue to make it seem larger. A large bedroom could be painted terracotta to make it more intimate. It’s always more interesting, in a room to bring in elements of both cool and warm for contrast. Once the base color is on the wall, cooler or warmer elements can be introduced through throw pillows, couches and furniture.

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